2013 Storyteller Robert (YOLO) Gierek

Robert In April of 2007 and at the age of twenty-five, Robert Gierek was diagnosed with stage 1 seminoma – testicular cancer. After noticing some pain, he went in for a regular check-up with his primary care physician and quickly thereafter started scheduling appointments for ultrasounds and visits to oncologists. Five years later and after numerous doctor visits, CT scans, X-rays, and hormone treatment, he was “done”, however “cancer-free” and “survivor” did not embody him. He received an OHSU AYA email about a survivorship class called Transitions and without hesitation signed up; it was thanks to this course that started a self-renaissance. In the last year, Robert, who also goes by his life motto ‘Yolo’ (you only live once) has not made up for lost times bur rather has made the most of each day. Cancer taught him how to live again, how to love wholeheartedly and how to be happy, truly happy. When he is not out living it via kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, rafting, surfing, running 5Ks or just getting busy living, he is volunteering his time with various cancer groups. Last month, Robert participated in Paddle for Life, a 40-mile outrigger canoe trek from Maui to Lanai benefiting the Pacific Cancer Foundation. In addition to currently growing his Movember ‘stache for male cancer awareness, Robert is currently working, going back to school for pre-medicine studies and hopes to one day become a specialized physician.

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