2014 Storytellers: Michael and Margo Stolfi

Saturday Boston 011 Margo and I moved to Portland from Pensacola, Florida in June 2011 with our six month old daughter. We loved our new life in Oregon and enjoyed working as nurses at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Exactly one year after our move, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Our world was completely turned upside down. I required two major brain surgeries that left me unable to work or take care of our daughter. My treatment also required a temporary two-month move to Houston, Texas. During that time, Margo had to be a mom, a caregiver, and switch from part time to full time to support our family. This included flying back to Oregon from Texas to work shifts while I was in treatment.

Since my diagnosis, we have endured physical, mental, and financial hardships. Our love for life and for each other has known no boundaries. We have felt support from both friends and complete strangers. We have meet these hardships head on and continue to overcome them. A cancer diagnosis changed our lives, but it allowed us to experience the beauty of human compassion and it has only strengthened our love for each other. Although our daughter is still young, we are grateful she is able to experience these amazing aspects of humanity. We meet each day with resilience, strength, and love.

Hear more about Michael and Margo’s New Normal at this year’s Notes of Hope Concert.

You can also check out more of Michael and Margo’s journey on their Caring Bridge Blog.

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