2013 Music

From Singing families, to physician musicians and concert pianists, Notes of Hope has always offered an impressive and eclectic line up of artists.

2013 lineup

Photo by Kathy Carlisle

Photo by Kathy Carlisle

Keegan Smith is the charismatic front man of an extremely talented rotating group of veteran musical heavyweights, producers, and bandleaders from the Northwest’s thriving music scene. He creates an energetic and entertaining sound that captivates audiences of every age. In the time between touring and playing festivals, Keegan continues writing and recording material with several producers, and recently released his 8th studio album. Orlando Sentinel’s music critic Jim Abbott says, “ Keegan Smith & the Fam are ‘a captivating surprise from the Pacific Northwest. This is a band of monster players.” Portland’s Willamette Week reviews the Fam saying, “[their] stuff is like musical summer” and “life’s a little sunnier when listening to them.”

Photo by Miri Stebivka

Photo by Miri Stebivka

Jenny Conlee-Drizos is a Portland native who plays piano, organ, and accordion with many bands including The Decemberists, Black Prairie, Casey Neill, The Minus 5, Calobo, and others. She has currently been composing and performing accordion music in the style of the French Musette, a folk/jazz style popular in France at the end of the 19th century.

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