Sean Croghan


Conceiving original indie pop inspiring melodies, Sean Croghan brings forth distinct compositions of tuneful rock themes, especially illuminated by his undiminished vocal capabilities. A singer/songwriter, Croghan initiated his path in the music world as a member of Portland’s Moustache in the midst of the ’80s. During the following years, he formed the Hellcows and in 1989, he decided on assembling yet another band, the punk rock crew Crackerbash. Croghan remained with the band until 1993, the year he decided to constitute yet another alternative rock outfit, Jr. High, with whom he released one album. In 2001 and after a series of solo experiences, the Oregon State musician finally released his debut solo album. From Burnt Orange to Midnight Blue hit record stores in 2001, featuring guest appearances by the Minders’ Martyn Leaper and Rebecca Cole, and former Freewheelers’ mentor Luther Russel. Enjoying unanimous acclaim within the local underground scene, the record eventually granted him even more exposure.

by Mario Mesquita Borges