Juliana Person

Juliana was livinhelicopter-with-francoisg her dream life of traveling the world making wine. She would work at a winery here in the US for 2-4 months during the busy harvest season, and then head down to the southern Hemisphere to work a season there. She split her time between California, Oregon, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, chasing an endless fall and never staying in the same place for more than 6 months. Towards the end of her South African harvest season in 2013, a strange lump appeared overnight in her left inguinal region. She didn’t think much of it at the time, but decided to get it checked out when she returned home a month later and it was still there.

Three months later, after countless tests and several misdiagnoses, it was finally determined that the lump was cancer. Ewings Sarcoma to be exact. By this time, the original tumor had grown to over 9 cm and had spread to her lungs. Yikes! It took 14 rounds of chemo over the course of 11 months to get rid of it, and a further 6 months to get her strength and stamina back, but she is now in remission and thrilled to be doing the job she loves once again.

Juliana jumped back into winery work with 3 months in New Zealand in early 2015, and now has a year round position as a lab tech at a winery in Dundee, Oregon. She still travels as much as her budget and work schedule will allow. When not working or traveling, she spends her time exploring the state, hiking, kayaking, connecting with other YA survivors through the OHSU writing group, or just relaxing at home reading Harry Potter fanfiction. She aims to live life to the fullest.